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VINHOMES GOLDEN RIVER just coming this morning Sunday 10th April 2016.
Financial supporting package
- Loans up 75%
- Supporting interest rate as 0% up to 24 months
- No penalty for redemption before due date

Payment schedule
10/04/2016 coming on sale two first towers: Aqua 1 and Aqua 2
24/04/2016 signing paperwork, deposit contracts

Payment schedule: 10% every 2 months, or Financial supporting program 30%,40% and 25%
Sales Processing
- Aqua 1, Aqua 2, Aqua 3 and Aqua 4
- The Luxury Towers
- Expecting price increasing: up to 5% (Estimated)

Promotion for Vinhomes Golden River ’s Future Residents
01 year free services in Vimnec Hospital
Lucky draw with 05 Mercedes S500
#Unit Price #TheAqua 1, #TheAqua 2
Officetel apartments: 2,500 - 3,400 USD/m2
Living apartments: 3,000 - 5,300 USD/m2

In case you need any further assistance, kindly e-mail your queries to us or send us your contact number so that we can call you.
You can reach us by any of the following means:
+84 937420509 or 84+ 943989727

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